SCA - Exemption Engine FAQs

What is the Exemption Engine?
Worldpay's Exemption Engine removes unnecessary friction from the payment experience.
With the new SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) rules coming into force as part of the PSD2 mandate, all electronic payments where the acquirer and cardholder are in the European Economic Area (EEA) will be subject to SCA.

There are some exclusions and exemptions; Worldpay's Exemption Engine works with you to ensure as many payments as possible are exempt from SCA.

What does the Exemption Engine do?
The Exemption Engine performs a real-time risk-check of transactions to exempt as many payments as possible from SCA.

What type of payments are eligible for exemption?
  • Low risk transactions - classed as: where the PSP (Payment Service Provider) is below their fraud threshold and the payment has passed a real-time TRA (Transaction Risk Analysis)
  • Low value transactions - Remote electronic payment transactions with a value of 30 EUR or less. This exemption will apply up to 5 consecutive payments without SCA or where the cumulative value is equal to or less than 100 EUR
  • Whitelisted beneficiaries - customers can add a merchant to a whitelist with their issuer
  • B2B payments with a dedicated and secure process
  • Corporate payments - virtual cards are exempted however there is a challenge in the identification of these cards in some cases (BIN range look-ups required)

Are any payments excluded from SCA?
Yes, there are some exclusions. These payment types are referred to as Out of Scope (OOS):
  • Payments where the issuer is based outside of the EEA
  • Payments where the acquirer is based outside of the EEA
  • Transactions initiated by the payee (MIT - Merchant Initiated Transaction) such as mobile phone payments, and fixed and variable amount subscriptions or installments. SCA must be applied on the first payment of the agreement
  • MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payments
  • Recurring payments of a fixed value where the first and subsequent payment values match. SCA must be applied on the first payment of the agreement

Where can I find technical information for the Exemption Engine?
You can find technical and integration documentation for Worldpay's Exemption Engine in the Worldpay developers hub.