SCA - Exemption Engine

Apply for an SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) exemption using Worldpay's SCA Exemption Engine.

The SCA Exemption Engine performs a real-time risk-check of transactions to exempt as many as possible from SCA, avoiding cardholder friction. Exemptions can be sent in the authorisation or authentication flow.

What are the exemptions?
  • Low-value transactions: payments less than €30
  • Low-risk transactions: payments assessed as low-risk in real time
  • Trusted beneficiaries: merchants whitelisted by consumers
  • Recurring transactions: regular payments of the same amount to the same business

If the exemption is approved by our exemption engine, the request is sent on to the card issuer for approval and a frictionless user experience.

If the exemption is not approved by the the exemption engine it can be passed to our authentication service 3DS Flex for verification.

For more information on the SCA Exemption Engine and 3DS Flex, contact your Relationship Manager or Customer Support Manager.

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