Pazien - ARN

What is an ARN?
An ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) is a 23 digit transaction reference generated for every card transaction processed by an acquirer. The acquirer generates the ARN.

Why would I need to request an ARN?
An ARN can be requested to help you investigate queries on missing payments and refunds from your shoppers.

How do I request an ARN?
A recent update to Pazien means you are now able to search for an ARN number in Pazien.

Follow these steps:
  • Log into Pazien
  • Go to Sales and Refunds
  • Expand the column to see the ARN column

Alternatively you can log into Pazien and search "transactions/order". ARN will appear as an additional field.

What do I do with the ARN number?
Contact the card issuing bank of your shopper and provide them with the 23 digit ARN number. The card issuing bank will then locate the payment and apply any missing funds accordingly.

NOTE: ARNs are updated in Pazien from 10PM GMT every day.

When can Worldpay provide an ARN?
Whether or not Worldpay can provide you with an ARN as a proof of refund depends on the payment method used the shopper used to make their purchase:
  • Credit/Debit card transactions - For credit or debit card transactions (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), the card issuer returns an ARN: a 23-digit unique reference confirming the refund has been processed. Worldpay can provide you with this ARN and the shopper can reach out to their card issuer with the ARN to clarify which account the funds have been credited to
  • PayPal transactions - These transactions do not generate an ARN. There is no actual proof of refund which Worldpay can provide. If a shopper enquires whether a refund has been processed, we recommend you to advise the shopper to speak to PayPal directly through their Help section. PayPal will always return the funds back to the original funding source: this will be either the shopper's PayPal account or credited back to their credit card. PayPa do not share any details with Worldpay due to data protection, so asking your shopper to reach out to PayPal directly is the fastest and most efficient option to check on a missing refund
  • Sofort/iDEAL/SEPA transactions - Payments made through these methods are bank transfers, so Worldpay can only provide a screenshot showing that we've processed the refund. If a shopper escalates a missing refund with you, we can only provide a second confirmation that the bank transfer was done on our side
  • In summary - Worldpay is only able to provide you with an ARN for credit or debit card transactions. Refunds processed through other payment methods will not generate an ARN. In these instances, the status 'REFUNDED' visible in the Merchant Interface is often the only confirmation that the funds have been sent back to the shopper. For PayPal transactions, we highly recommend directing your shopper to PayPal's support pages

My shopper has provided an ARN but not received a refund, why?
The ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) is the confirmation received from the card scheme (Visa or Mastercard) that your customer's issuing bank has been sent a refund to allocate to their account or card.

If a shopper claims they have not yet been credited their refund after you've already supplied an ARN, you should advise your shopper to query the refund a second time with their card issuer. They must quote the ARN and any additional details available.

Issuing banks can also contact Mastercard or Visa to ask them to check on the location of the funds within their shared systems, as part of an internal investigation.

If the bank still cannot locate the refund, Worldpay needs an official letter from the issuing bank or the financial institution that has issued the card, before we're able to investigate it further. This letter should state that there is no trace of a refund related to the details and ARN provided.