How do I send funds from my real world bank account to my WPAP account?

To send funds from your real world bank account to your WPAP account, instruct a ‘Liquidity’ payment from your real World Bank account to a Worldpay AP Ltd currency account.

When making the payment, please include your Worldpay AP Ltd account number in the remittance field (Tag 70).  After the payment has been made, email with the subject title ‘Liquidity Notification’ and the below payment details.  This will ensure the payment is picked up and credited to your Worldpay AP account without delay. Please allow one business day from the time the funds are credited to our Worldpay AP Ltd account for funds to credit your Worldpay AP currency account.


Date payment made in DD/MM/YYYY format


Currency and amount of payment

Ordering Customer

Merchant Name

Account Name

Your Worldpay AP Ltd Account Name

Beneficiary Customer

Worldpay AP Ltd

Bank Name

Name of the bank payment being made to (e.g. Barclays Bank)

Worldpay AP IBAN Number

IBAN of account payment made to (from list above)

Sort Code

Sort code of account payment made to (from list above)

Account Number

Account Number of account payment made to (from list above)

Remittance Information

Merchants Worldpay AP Ltd Account Number

Note: For a list of available Worldpay AP Ltd currency accounts, please contact Corporate Support.