How do I request a Bankout proof of payment (POP)?

You can request a proof of payment (POP) if:
  • A Bankout payment has not been received by the beneficiary by the estimated value date
  • The beneficiary bank requires a proof of payment to release funds to the beneficiary’s account

Before you request a Bankout POP, please refer to our cut off times document (Bankout File Submission Cut off Times) to ensure that sufficient time has been allowed for the payment to have cleared and settled (not to be raised within 3 business days of date payout was instructed).
If sufficient time has passed and the beneficiary has still not received their funds, or if the beneficiary bank requires the beneficiary to show a POP to release their funds, then please email the investigations team at  to request a proof of payment along with the:
  • Date Bankout completed
  • Payment Reference
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Payee name
Once you receive the POP (within 5 days from the requested date), then:
  • If the POP is being used so the beneficiary bank will release the funds, then the beneficiary should take this document to their bank for them to release the funds. 
  • If the POP is being used to find out why the funds have been delayed to the beneficiary, then you should check that the details, and particularly the beneficiary bank details (account number, bank code etc.) are correct.  Often this is the reason why a payment hasn’t been received by the beneficiary.  If the account details are incorrect, please request a Bankout recall for the payment.
Note: There may be a cost involved based on the nature of your request. Please contact Corporate Support for more details.