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What properties can I show or hide on my Hosted Payment Page?

Within the Payment Page Designer, you’re able to show or hide these properties:

UI element


Gateway default

Show country list

Displays a drop-down list of countries on the payment pages.

False. Hide country list.

Show language list

Displays a drop-down list of languages on the payment pages.

False. Hide language list.

Show Powered by Worldpay

The 'Powered by Worldpay' logo is displayed while content is being displayed on a payment page.

True. The 'Powered by Worldpay' logo is enabled.

Show cancel button

The cancel button lets the shopper cancel the payment.

True. The cancel button is displayed.

Show change payment method button

Returns the shopper to the payment method selection page.

True. The Change payment method button is displayed.

Show page header and logo

When set to True, we display the selected logo and associated space around the logo.

True. The selected logo with associated space is displayed

Show page footer

When set to True, Worldpay copyright information is displayed in the footer.

True. The footer containing Worldpay copyright information is displayed.

Show card icons

When set to True, logos for card payments are displayed.
You may want to hide the card icons if you are displaying the payment pages in an iframe and you already provide the card types in your own website.

True. The card icons are displayed.