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How do I request a Bankout trace?

You can request a Bankout trace if an international Bankout has not been received by the beneficiary by the estimated value date. Before requesting a Bankout trace, please request a Proof of Payment (POP) to validate the bank account details. 
Once sufficient time has passed, and the bank account details have been confirmed as correct on the POP, then the payment may be held by a bank to carry out further checks in line with their bank policy. To request a Bankout Trace, please contact the investigations team at along with the:

  • Date Bankout completed
  • Payment Reference
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Payee name

Domestic payments

We don’t typically put a trace on a domestic payment because there is no place for the funds to be held up, and in some cases our banks won’t put a trace on a domestic payment for the same reason.  If you have confirmed the bank details on the proof of payment are correct, and cannot locate the funds, then please contact the investigations team at for advice and next steps. 

Note: There may be a cost involved based on the nature of your request. Please contact Corporate Support for further details.