3DS2 - Improving the user experience

3DS2, as the name suggests, is the latest version of 3DS and has been designed to work with the payment methods and technologies that shoppers use today. This focus on modern payment trends also plans for the future of secure payments.

There are 3 key areas where 3DS2 improves on the 3DS user experience:

  • Issuers now collect more than 100 data elements provided by the merchant at the point of purchase. This additional information allows issuers to identify their customer and authenticate them. Not all of the additional data is used in every authentication, with only suspect transactions going through additional cardholder verification. This approach improves the cardholders profile and helps remove additional authentication requirements and therefore friction
  • The card issuer can now utilise authentication methods that suit the shopper such as biometrics and one time passwords
  • Fully compatible with Apple's iOS and Android's SDKs. Native app payments are supported.

For further information on 3DS2 and what you can do to make the most of this functionality see our blog. For detailed information, please contact your Corporate Support Manager (CSM).