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Recover and Defend More Revenue by Managing Chargebacks Your Way

You may think that chargebacks are an unfortunate cost of doing business and they’re too time consuming to manage. But they don’t have to be.

Our chargeback management solutions put you in control deflecting disputes before they ever become a chargeback, disputing chargebacks on your behalf, and a portal giving you access to your proactive defense.

Take advantage of the first disputes family of solutions that work together to protect your revenue. Let us help you dramatically reduce your chargeback losses from start to finish.

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Don’t settle for less. Put money and control back in your business.

Deflect Disputes Before a Chargeback Claim Is Initiated

Reduce your chargeback volume

Relieve the Burden of Managing Chargebacks

Let us handle the hassle of defending chargebacks and keep more of your revenue

Manage Chargebacks Simply and Efficiently in One Place

Get easy management, a proactive defense and enhanced reporting all together

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Disputes Deflector saves you time and money by proactively monitoring customer claims for you.

Get notified earlier in the chargeback lifecycle
Prevent a dispute from turning into a chargeback
Reduce the overall number of chargebacks to your business
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Disputes Defender takes the hassle out of defending chargebacks.

Receive end-to-end chargeback management
Gain a cost-effective approach to defending chargebacks
Take advantage of multiple integration options including a direct connection to your CRM system
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Enhance the chargeback management experience with a simple, self-service portal

Manage and defend chargebacks all in one place
Quick, simpler workflow gives you more time to defend
Powerful analytics show you a comprehensive view
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Manage your chargebacks digitally through an API

Receive, manage, defend and query chargebacks digitally
Easily deflect and automate chargebacks
Spend less time managing chargebacks and drive down operational costs
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