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Worldpay Helps Tesco Pivot to Provide Prepay

The fast-evolving new reality unfolding in the spring of 2020 left many individuals, especially those at high risk, reliant on family, friends or volunteers to purchase groceries and other essentials on their behalf. Remotely prepaying a support network was a challenge needing a speedy, secure solution.

Tesco, the U.K.’s largest supermarket chain and one of the globe’s leading retailers, connected with Worldpay, their long-standing payments partner, to develop a contactless e-gift card that could be purchased online and delivered to a designated personal shopper in real time. Worldpay quickly assembled a task force and implementation team to bring the concept to life.

At a Glance

Tesco supermarkets needed to swiftly pivot to provide an efficient, secure way for at-risk individuals to prepay a support network to purchase groceries and essentials on their behalf.
Tesco collaborated with their trusted partner, Worldpay, to fast track and deliver a critical new payment solution in record time – and on budget. Within three weeks, Tesco introduced an e-gift card option to their most vulnerable customers. The result was an easy-to-use, friction-free payment solution that made it possible for customers to view and replenish their balances and track purchases.


Customer adoption was significant, so much so that Tesco expanded the e-gift card offering for general use. Innovative fraud protection that uses machine learning technology to monitor transactions in real time provided peace of mind at a time when the marketplace saw an increase in transactional risk. Tesco and Worldpay delivered a critical, trusted payment option and lifeline to customers through the power of collaboration and innovation.


Delivered new payment option in 3 weeks

Enhanced fraud protection