Wireless Card Machines

Accept card payments with a wireless card machine

Enjoy the flexibility of a wireless card machine

Your customers can pay at the table, bar, and around the store with our wireless terminal. Bring the latest technology to your business, accept payments faster, and reduce customer wait times. Our wireless terminal also includes near fields communication technology allowing you to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay® and other mobile wallets.  And its EMV-compatible features can help you reduce the risk of fraud.

Take your card machine to your customers

Accept credit, debit, gift, loyalty, and mobile wallet payments

Flexibilty to open additional points of sale around the store

Easy to use and compact size saves counter space

Wireless technology

Store-and-forward and dial capabilities let you take payments without a wireless signal.


Tamper-resistant hardware 128-bit SSL encryption and triple DES security to meet PCI-DSS. And EMV-compatible features to reduce the risk of fraud.

Accept card payments however customers want to pay  

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Take card payments at the counter

The countertop card terminal is perfect for a traditional store environment and brings the latest technology to your business. 

Countertop Card Machines

Accept payments with a virtual terminal

Use your existing computer or tablet to support customer payments over the phone and in person. 

Virtual Terminal

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