Take card payments at the counter

The countertop card terminal is perfect for a traditional store environment and brings the latest technology to your business. Simple to install, our terminals include tamper-resistant hardware, near field communication technology allowing you to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and other mobile wallets and EMV-compatible features to help reduce the risk of fraud.

Accept mobile wallet, credit, debit, and gift card payments

EMV-compatible to enhance your security

Allows customers to make hassle-free payments with their cards

Easy to use, fast and reliable

24/7 customer service

Faster payments

Card payments are authorized and processed quickly.

Security Suite

EMV Guidance

Support chip card payments and get expert guidance so you'll be EMV-ready.

Accept card payments however customers want to pay  

Get in Touch

Accept payments anytime, anywhere

Turn your mobile device into a payment terminal. You can accept all major credit cards, debit cards, add tax and tips and email receipts on the spot.

Mobile payments

Accept card payments around the store

Your customers can pay at the table, bar, and around the store with our wireless terminal. 

Wireless card machines