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Accept in-person payments with our card machines

Let customers pay quickly and seamlessly with countertop and wireless card machines. Whether you’re at the register or on the move, card terminals are easy to set up and can support most major electronic payment methods, including mobile wallets, and gift and loyalty cards.

Accept chip card payments and recieve guidance from our EMV experts
Stay up and running with technical support and equipment replacement
Use our gift card program to attract new customers and increase sales

Access online transaction reports to better understand how customers shop

Countertop Card Machines

The countertop card machine is perfect for a traditional store environment.  Simple to install, our terminals include tamper-resistant hardware and EMV-ready features to help reduce the risk of fraud.

Wireless Card Machines

With our wireless card machine, your customers can pay at the table, bar and more.  Accept payments faster and reduce customer wait times by taking your card terminal to your customers.

Mobile Card Reader

If you want to accept credit card payments on the go, our mobile card reader is the right choice.  It's easy to use and simple to set up.  With no need for a fixed broadband connection, you can accept payments anywhere with mobile coverage.

Mobile Card Reader 

Virtual Terminal

Taking credit card payments in person or over the phone is quick and easy with our virtual terminal.  All you need is an internet connection and secure web browser to accept payments.

Virtual Terminal 

Simplified Small Business Payments

Easy face-to-face payments are just the beginning. From retail shops to healthcare practices, Worldpay simplifies payment processing so you can focus on running your business.

Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

Tailored Enterprise Payment Solutions

A truly optimized payment solution takes customer needs and industry into account. From national grocery chains to large educational institutions and restaurants and retail, we’re experts at helping businesses across industries scale payments for future growth.

Enterprise Businesses

A Seamless Payment Experience

Make payments easy with powerful tools, expert support, and our broad range of shopping carts, terminals, and POS systems. 

Multi-channel Payments