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Developing for a complex industry requires a partner that brings expertise to your payments integration

We understand you’re managing many integrations around Electronic Health Records and practice management software, while navigating regulatory changes with the end goal of providing a tool that allows practices to spend more time on patient care, collect more patient payments, and streamline their office operations.

Partner with a payments team that understands the unique challenges of building healthcare products. Our experienced Solution Consultants advise you on integrating payments so that you can create a customizable, cost-effective payment solution that is indispensable to healthcare organizations.

We’re available to help manage your marketing efforts to bring new practices on board and support your business needs as your platform grows.  

Start a relationship that can strengthen your business and increase revenue opportunities

Help your customers thrive wherever opportunities arise

Powerful payments solutions delivered through multiple points of service with your software solution.

Payments acceptance using credit, debit, ACH, HSA and more
Recurring and scheduled payment plan options
Automatic payment posting to your software solution's patient ledger
Quick payouts for faster access to working capital
Online access to data on every patient transaction
24/7 technical support for around-the-clock practices

Strengthen your business

Contact our partner team and discover opportunities to expand capabilities and grow revenue.