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Global Payments Webinar

March 3 2016
Find out how global payment preferences will evolve. Watch our interactive webinar.

Global payment preferences have evolved dramatically in recent years and continue to do so in the forseeable future. Join Worldpay industry experts Darcus Shannon, Strategy Director - eCommerce, and Daniel Fagan, Senior Product Manager - Acquiring, as they discuss: who are the big winners, how is consumer behavior impacting payments and what steps can you take to prepare your business for the future.

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The webinar is hosted by Darcus Shannon and Daniel Fagan

A photo of Darcus Shannon

Darcus Shannon - Strategy Director, eCommerce

During his 10 years in industry Darcus has become an expert in Payments, and more broadly, eCommerce. Darcus has found a niche in global & commercial product strategy, and has enabled the expansion of a number of key players in the payments field. Most recently, Darcus has developed and is now leading Worldpay’s APAC expansion, and has co-authored the Global Payments Report.

A photo of Daniel Fagan

Daniel Fagan - Senior Product Manager, Acquiring

For over 10 years Dan has worked within Financial services, spending the majority of that time working at Citigroup. Dan performed a variety of roles as he gained experience within the global consumer bank. In September 2014 Dan moved to Worldpay to perform the role of senior product manager, acquiring within global eCommerce. The role requires that Dan develops the Acquiring product strategy which includes product development and global expansion. Dan is also responsible for monitoring market development in card payments whilst staying aligned with Visa and MasterCard.