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Payment types

  • Quick, flexible payment options
  • Accept all major payment types
  • New payment types added regularly

Accept payments anywhere, anytime

With Worldpay, it’s easy to make the sale because you have the ability to accept payments in person, online or anywhere you do business. And you can quickly process all major payment types, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Amex®, Discover®, PayPal®, China Union Pay, JCB, Fleet cards,and Direct Debit, checks, eWIC and EBT.

Why choose Worldpay

  • Single source provider
  • Payment industry experts
  • Vertical focus and market specialization
  • 24/7/365 support

Flexible payments options made simple

Key features

Fleet acceptance

Accept major Fleet cards including WEX™, Voyager®, Fuelman® and Fleet One®.

Additional payments

We support the ability to accept payments via gift, eWIC, Direct Debit, ACH and EBT cards.

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Additional products and services

An inexpensive way to attract new customers, gift cards can pay for themselves through increased revenue.

Help protect your business with our security offerings.