From high street to high traffic

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From high street to high traffic

March 10 2016 - Terry Hunter, UK Managing Director at Astound Commerce

Shopper behaviour has changed...

Today’s consumers are looking to get their retail fix in ways most convenient to them. They’re demanding greater choice from their shopping experiences and the channels they use, and have grown to expect a number of different options for the selection, payment, and delivery of goods in the interest of making their lives easier.

The impact of these heightened expectations has been the continuous migration of consumers from the high street to online stores, forcing retailers to embrace this change in order to remain competitive. However, with offline sales still of vital importance to certain target demographics, yet retailers now faced with meeting the needs of both offline and online consumers, it’s no surprise that tremendous importance has being placed on delivering an effective omnichannel experience.

Omnichannel has become something of a catch-all term to represent that today’s consumers are making a mixture of online and in-store purchases, and are engaging with brands in a variety of ways. This is essential when you consider the current state of the retail landscape. If a consumer wants to browse and view a product they’re interested in online, buy it using their smartphone, have it delivered to their home, then decide to return it by visiting their local store, they should be able to do so. 

In 2016 and beyond, it’s clear that all retailers, but particularly those on the high street, need to look at building a consistent and fluid experience across all interactions between their brand and the consumer, wherever those interactions take place. Personalisation also has a key role to play, whether that’s online or in-store.

To this end, Astound Commerce and Worldpay collaborated on a whitepaper that explores the experiences of leading retailers, who gathered at an exclusive dinner at the Dorchester, to discuss the creation and implementation of a successful eCommerce strategy for high street players in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

Download: Whitepaper – From high street to high traffic