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Retailers are Adopting the Guideshop Model

September 22 2016
As consumer preferences continue to change, retailers with brick-and-mortar locations are adopting new models to keep pace. One popular new model is the guideshop.
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3 Ways Retail Tech is Transforming the In-Store Shopping Experience

August 25 2016
The day-to-day role of in-store employees is changing as new advancements in retail technology become more readily available. Retailers can use innovative technology to perform routine operational tasks while employees spend more time focusing on customer service and providing the best shopping experience possible.
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Worldpay’s “Pay That Way” Report Reveals the Era of the Super-Shopper

July 27 2016
As shoppers begin to interact with retailers across more channels than ever before, their behaviors are beginning to change on both a geographic and demographic level. To provide insight on global online shopping behaviors, Worldpay surveyed 20,000 consumers from ten different countries for the 2016 “Why Do They Pay That Way?” report.
Tax Free Weekends - Small

How to boost business during Tax-Free Weekends

July 21 2016
Every summer, before the school year begins, participating states schedule a Tax-Free Weekend where consumers can shop at retail stores and receive tax exemptions on select items. Aimed to help families stock up on back-to-school gear, typical tax-free items include school supplies, clothing, computers, books and footwear.
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Worldpay supports independent retailers to better local economies

July 19 2016
Shopping at locally-owned businesses keeps money in the community three times longer than shopping at national chains. In honor of National Independent Retailer Month, Worldpay US is encouraging purchases from independent retailers during the month of July and is proud to provide payment services to small businesses across the country all year long.
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Worldpay talked CNP Fraud with

June 15 2016
Worldpay US recently participated in a webinar with to discuss CNP fraud following the implementation of EMV technology. The webinar discussed the available security measures, potential consequences for CNP merchants who aren’t prepared for the change and what’s next in the CNP space.
Virtual Reality

Enhancing the customer experience with VR Commerce

June 9 2016
As the buzz around virtual reality (VR) continues to grow, retailers are taking notice and tapping into the VR industry to showcase products to shoppers through unique customer experiences.