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Your free terminal upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my terminal being replaced?

A: Your existing terminal’s security certificate will expire in 2016.  This means that if your terminal is not replaced you may not be able to authorise card transactions, which could cause significant disruption to your business.  The expiry of your security certificate may also affect your business reaching PCI DSS compliance.  For more information about how to register your compliance with us, visit

Q: Will my upgraded terminal cost me more?

A: No. We are pleased to advise that we will waive our £125 standard swap out fee, so your terminal will be replaced with an upgraded version at no extra cost.

Q: I don’t want to upgrade my terminal. Can I not keep my current device?

A: As your terminals existing security certificate will expire, you may not be able to authorise card payments and your terminal will need to be replaced.  If you have any concerns about upgrading / replacing your current device please contact us on 03457 616 263.

Q: My business is very busy at the moment - do I need to act now?

A: It’s really important that we replace your terminal before the security certificate expires.  To make sure that we can schedule the delivery of terminals to all our customers prior to the certificate expiring, you’ll need to make sure you respond within the required time period detailed on your communication.

Q: What happens if I decide to swap my terminal for an alternative device?

A: Should you wish to change your terminal for an alternative device (e.g. moving from a fixed terminal to a portable terminal), we will waive our standard £125 swap out fee.  Your new monthly terminal rental fee will then be agreed in line with your new device’s pricing.

Q: Do I need to pay for the delivery of the terminal?

A: No.  We are pleased to confirm the new terminal will be delivered free of charge.

Q: Will the terminal be installed for me?

A: No.  Your new device will arrive by courier for you to install.  It’s really quick and simple.  If you need any assistance when installing your device please visit or call us on 0345 761 6263.

Q: Will there be any disruption to my ability to take payments when installing my new terminal?

A: No.  Just follow the easy to use set-up guide on and you will be able to take payments within minutes.

Q: I have multiple terminals / other outlets – do all terminals need replacing?

A: Only terminals where the security certificate is due to expire need replacing.  If you have more than one terminal rented from Worldpay and are un-sure which device needs upgrading please contact us on 0345 761 6263.

Q: What do I need to do with my existing terminal?

A: As part of the terminal upgrade process we will send you a pre-paid envelope to return your old device to Worldpay.  

Q: Will I have to change my terminal/tally rolls?

A: No.  You can continue to use your existing terminal/tally rolls with your new terminal. 

Should you wish to purchase additional terminal rolls or other terminal accessories visit

Q: How do I accept Contactless payments?

A: All terminals are now fitted with Contactless payments as standard, allowing you to accept fast secure payments up to £30, which is a convenient way to reduce queues and transactions times.    

Q: Can I accept Apple Pay payments?

A: Yes.  With a Contactless enabled terminal you’ll also be able to accept Apple Pay payments.  Customers simply present their iPhone 6 or later models or their Apple watch and tap the Contactless symbol on the terminal to make payment. 

Q: I’m interested in changing my terminal for an alternative device.

A: We understand that businesses continually change and grow. As part of our commitment to support your business we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can help your business. We offer a wide range of payment services, ranging from additional terminals to portable and WIFI devices. We can also help you get your business online. For more information visit or call 0345 761 6263.

Q: Will I need a new contract to receive this upgrade?

A: No, for a like for like swap out there will be no change to your current Terminal Hire Agreement or Terms and Conditions.  

Q: Can you deliver my terminal to an alternative address?

A: If your delivery address is incorrect, you’ll need to let us now in writing. Visit to download a change of address document.