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UnionPay International - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is UnionPay International?

A: UnionPay International (UPI) is the fastest growing card scheme in the world. As of 2016, it is the largest card scheme when looking at the number of global credit and debit cards in circulation . It is a highly-recognised brand in China, and its profile is increasing worldwide particularly with the increase of Chinese tourists across the globe. That’s why we’re excited to be offering this payment method to our customers. 

To help you recognise UnionPay cards we recommend you go to the Union Pay Card Recognition Guide.

Q: Do I have to accept these types of cards?

A: All Worldpay terminals will be updated with UnionPay as standard from the end of 2016 to help you attract more global customers and offer them more choice in how they pay. However, if you’d prefer not to accept UnionPay cards you can ask your customers for an alternative payment method. 

Q: When will my terminal(s) be updated with UnionPay capabilities?

A: The update release will be staggered so some terminals may download this earlier than others. If you have multiple Worldpay terminals we will only contact you once all your terminals have been updated to accept UnionPay. You may notice beforehand if a terminal has upgraded as UnionPay will appear on your end of day till roll after connecting to the Terminal Management System (TMS). You will then be able to start accepting UnionPay on that terminal. 

Q: Can I accept UnionPay on my terminal(s) which are supplied by another provider?

A: If you also use a terminal from another provider you will need to check with your provider whether you’re able to accept UnionPay through that device. 

Q: What is the Merchant Service Charge (“MSC”) for UnionPay Cards?

A: A Merchant Service Charge (“MSC”) of 2.25% will apply to each transaction except for refunds for which no MSC fee applies. This MSC will be deducted from the total amount of each transaction before any balance is remitted to you (called ‘net settlement’). This is different to what you may be used to with other card schemes where you are invoiced separately each month for this MSC fee.

Q: When will I receive my monthly statement for UnionPay transactions?

A: You will be sent your free monthly paper statement for UnionPay around the 20th working day of every month, and it will show the transactions taken in the previous month together with the MSC deducted and the balance remitted to your bank account. 

Q: Can I view my UnionPay transactions on My Business Dashboard

A: No. UnionPay transactions will be recorded separately to other card schemes so this is not currently available on My Business Dashboard. We’ll let you know when this feature becomes available. 

Q: What are the settlement timescales?


Your settlement timescales may also be different at times. Payment for UnionPay transactions will be separate from the other card transactions you take and will be paid by BACS.  On average settlement will take approximately 3 working days after you take a UnionPay transaction. As the card scheme is based in China there may be a delay in processing transactions during public holidays in China.

The Chinese public holidays for 2017 are: 

- 1 – 2 January 
- 27 January – 2 February 
- 2 – 4 April 
- 29 April – 1 May 
- 28– 30 May 
- 1 – 7 October 

Future Chinese public holidays can be found online. 

Q: Will these cards use Chip and PIN?

A: The majority of UnionPay debit cards will use Chip and PIN technology, but for credit cards it may be PIN, PIN and signature, or signature only.  On screen prompts will guide you to the appropriate verification method to follow.  There also may be some cards that use Magnetic Stripe and the cardholder’s signature. For a reminder on how to accept these types of transactions go to your Customer Operating Instructions at 

Q: Can I accept Recurring Transaction payments on this card?

A: No, you won’t be able to set up a recurring transaction payment with any UnionPay card. 

Q: Can I offer Purchase with Cashback (PWCB)?

A: No, cashback will not be available on UnionPay cards. 

Q: Can I accept these cards over the telephone, by mail order, or on my website?

A: No, this functionality is not available. 

Q: Can I take hotel/car rental bookings from cardholders who are not present?

A: Yes, this functionality has been implemented for UnionPay credit and debit with signature cards and the processing rules are similar to other major card schemes. 

Q: Can I make refunds?

A: Yes, you can process refunds in the usual way.

Q: Does this affect my Worldpay Terms and Conditions?

A: No, your Worldpay Terms and Conditions already allow you to accept UnionPay and will not change as a result of this update. 

Q: Will I receive a new sticker for my shop window?

A: Yes. We’ll send you a letter as soon as your terminal(s) has updated with a new sticker showing the UnionPay logo.