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Currency payments made easy

If your business has a high footfall of international customers then you could benefit from myCurrency -an innovative service that gives your customers the option of paying in their own currency. Simply use it through your point-of-sale card machine. When the card machine recognises an overseas-issued card, the device offers the appropriate currency at the point of sale, and you receive the payment in sterling as usual.

Mobile card machine used in a bar
Taking payments through a portable card machine
My currency

Additional information

Would you like to see how myCurrency works?

Check out our short videos which gives you an introduction to the myCurrency service.


Best Rate Guarantee

For your reassurance and your customer’s confidence, we provide a Best Rate Guarantee. The rate of exchange applied during a myCurrency transaction will be the same as or better than the rate offered by the customer’s card issuer on the same day. In the unlikely event that a customer was disadvantaged by using the Worldpay myCurrency service, we will refund the difference to the customer. Download the Best Rate Guarantee form and terms and conditions.

Getting the most out of myCurrency

Train your employees – when employees know how myCurrency works and can explain its benefits to customers, usage will increase and so will your profits. Our training videos can help you understand myCurrency and train your staff.

Offer the service to your customers – get into the habit of offering your customers the option to pay in their home currency. They may say yes or they may say no, but they will definitely feel you're taking care of them.
Display the cardholder guides prominently near your till. Replacement stock can be ordered by contacting our helpdesk on 08457 61 62 63.
You may wish to incentivise your staff for promoting myCurrency transactions – after all, every transaction makes you money.
Retail card payments
Case Study

Arcadia steps up their service with myCurrency

“Worldpay’s myCurrency has allowed us to add real value to our international customers by making the cost of any purchases they make in store completely transparent.”