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Vapes, Cakes and Shakes - My Business Hub

Vapes, Cakes and Shakes

The Hub delivers some great benefits to our business: it offers flexibility because we can go over to the customer rather than them having to come to the machine, which is convenient for them. It’s enabled us to get a clearer understanding of our payments on a day-to-day business. It’s contemporary, simple to use and is great asset to our business. We look forward to what it can enable for us in the future. Vapes, Cakes and Shakes, Dartford, Martin MacLachlan

What's included

My Business Hub

Fast facts

The Hub

Width: 23cm
Height: 23cm (excl. tablet)
Height: 38cm (incl. tablet)
Weight: 6kg (overall)

Integrated thermal printer

Lenovo tablet

Lenovo Android 6.0 tablet 3

Screen size: 10" (1200x1920px)
Camera: 8 megapixels
Storage: 16gb
Battery life: 6-8hrs (approx.)

Charges on the stand

Key pad

EMV compliant card machine
Set-up to take mobile and contactless payments
Bluetooth connectivity

Charges on the stand

Cash register

Width: 33.5cm
Height: 10cm
Depth: 33.5cm
Weight: 5.9kg

Electronically activated - 3 cash, 8 coin slots drawer

*With a £250 upfront fee in addition or £65 a month with no upfront fee. Additional transaction charges apply as per your Worldpay agreement.