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The eCommerce opportunity for the UK’s SMEs has never been greater. Online sales are set to grow by over 10% this year to reach nearly £100 billion, according to some estimates. February 2017

Better online presence tips

Here,’s Martin Leamon and Worldpay’s James Frost share some useful advice with Dawn Crawford, owner of niche travel site Host Unusual. February 2017

Tim Campbell Youtube video

Ever heard of public relations (PR)? It’s a great way to get the word about your business out to prospective customers and partners who might not have heard of you. February 2017

card protection

Find out how adopting the card industry's Data Security Standard can help you dodge one of the top five security blunders made by SMEs. December 2016

Online payments

Taking the time to think strategically can be a challenge. These quick tips can help you plan effectively in the new year. December 2016

Christmas cyber criminals

Christmas is hunting season for cyber criminals. Make sure you're not a target with our guide to keeping your customer data safe and secure. December 2016

PR camera

Competition is fierce in the small business world. We may be over the worst of the post-2008 meltdown but there are still a finite number of consumer hearts, minds and pounds out there to fight for. You might have the best idea, product or service but if no one knows about it you’ll never be successful. This is where PR comes in. September 2016

eCommerce payments

Britain’s macro-economy may be facing challenging times but when it comes to eCommerce the nation is thriving. UK consumers now account for more than one third of all eCommerce sales in Europe, and we are predicted to collectively spend a massive €174bn online this year. September 2016

Android Pay

In mid-May the mobile payments world took another exciting twist as Android Pay officially launched in the UK. It now joins Apple’s mobile payments platform Apple Pay – offering businesses up and down the country even more ways to meet their customers’ growing demands for fast, simple, secure and intuitive ways to pay.  June 2016

Person online

Rumours of its death may have been circling for years now but the truth is that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways for small business owners to get their name out there. For a relatively low financial investment and a little know-how you can start to reap some real tangible benefits. June 2016

People using technology
One of the most important weapons when it comes to expanding your business is a good website and whilst lots of websites look great to the human eye they may not look so great to major search engines. In fact search engines may struggle to understand what your business even does.  25 April 2016
For the UK’s small businesses, a transactional website is no longer a nice-to-have – it should be an essential part of business. Even if you still do business mainly offline, a web presence can be a great way to promote the brand and sell into a wider, potentially global, audience.  25 April 2016
Over three-quarters of UK adults now own a smartphone. And increasingly we’re not afraid to use them to pay for goods and services. Whether that means accessing eCommerce sites from our phones or paying in-store via services like Apple Pay, it’s all about speed and convenience.  February 2016
 One of the not-so-secret weapons in the armoury of the small business owner is technology. Getting online, for example, can help level the playing field with larger, better resourced rivals and help you expand into new markets. But one aspect of the technology revolution you might have overlooked is the smartphone.  February 2016
It’s exciting to imagine how you can expand your business and how it could develop in the future.  To get your business to the next level you could add new products, expand to additional locations, set up your own website or start selling face to face. December 2015
Christmas is a hectic time of year for any business. With some of the highest numbers of shoppers and purchases made in December and the New Year, some businesses could start to feel the strain. When you have a shop full of customers, the last thing you need is for something to go wrong during what should be one of the most profitable times of the year. December 2015
Social media apps
Are you a business owner who’s not yet bought into the social media craze?  Social media is all about getting involved with your existing and potential customers and making them feel valued – and that’s always great for business. October 2015
It was only two years ago that the word ‘selfie’ was added to the Oxford dictionary and now it has  become an accepted part of daily life with Britons taking on average around 14.5 million selfies each day.  October 2015
Online payments through a hosted pay page
Ecommerce, or online shopping, increased by 18.2% in 2013 and there is no sign of it slowing down. Experts are predicting online shopping to soar over the next few years.  June 2015
What is a hosted payment page
The shape of UK card payments is changing fast.  That’s why Worldpay will be launching some exciting new products this year, helping your business grow and keep up to date with consumer payment trends. April 2015