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Card scheme and regulatory

Accepting card payments

From 14 October 2016, MasterCard will be introducing a new series of card numbers, where the long number on the front of your customer’s card will begin with a “2”.  This is part of the six digit prefix which is commonly referred to as the BIN or Bank Identification Number and will be in addition to the range already being issued. September 2016

Accepting payments through a mobile card machine
Recently more and more businesses are offering contactless payments, and customers are also choosing to pay with their contactless cards. In fact, in the first half of 2015 we’ve witnessed a boom in contactless transactions with over £2.5 billion spent.  October 2015
Accepting payments through a mobile card machine
The contactless spending limit is increasing from the current £20 limit to £30 – making contactless a faster and even more convenient way to pay.  June 2015
During 2014 Visa Europe and MasterCard announced some important industry information regarding changes to the costs of taking card payments.  Over the next few months you’ll start to notice a few changes to your transaction charges.  April 2015