Fraud & Risk Management

Our background in card processing and alternative payment methods helps you to make better decisions. We offer a number of Fraud and Risk Management solutions designed that could make your business more profitable by increasing good transactions.

RiskGuardian can make your business more profitable

Online payments are not just about cards. The past few years have seen a rapid expansion of differing methods coming to market. With these, new types of fraud are always around the corner. So just how prepared are international merchants and how are they coping with the new challenges of fighting fraud?

We conducted global research to understand how companies are dealing with these new fraud issues. 82% say that a partnership approach with a fraud expert is critical to keeping ahead of threats. This is why our RiskGuardian tool has been designed with our customers. The result is a comprehensive fraud protection that it is easy to implement and use.

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Fraud protection that is superior by design. Created with our customers, for our customers.


Worldpay research into how merchants are coping with the rise of Alternative Payments and the challenge they present in fighting fraud.

Can you spot the fraudsters in your regular customer base?