Website Rules

The website rules listed below incorporate: Department of Trade and Industry regulations, various Card Schemes rules, and requirements outlined in your WorldPay Customer Agreement.

1. Does your website display the products and services you listed when opening your WorldPay account?

The products and services that you intend to sell online must be clearly stated in your application and displayed on your website.

You must own or provide the goods or services you supply. You must not sell goods or services through this account on behalf of a third party.

Note: If you intend to sell products/services other than those stated on your original application form, please request approval from our Customer Acceptance department before adding these to you website.

For queries regarding the addition of new products and services to your website, please contact

2. Is your website correctly integrated with the WorldPay payment service?

Before requesting activation of your website, please ensure that your site is fully integrated with the WorldPay payment service. Complete a test transaction on your website, to ensure that the integration of your site has been completed correctly and a shopper can make a secure purchase online.

Note: If found capturing any card details on your website your account will be immediately suspended.

For help and advice with integration please contact our Technical Support team at

3. Does your website display a refund policy?

A refund policy should be clearly displayed on your website. This can be displayed anywhere on your site, as long as it is displayed before a customer makes a payment using the WorldPay payment system. Your refund policy may vary according to whether you are based in or out of the European Union (EU):

  • If you are based within the EU:
    Where you are supplying consumers (i.e. individuals buying for themselves rather than for a business) you should make it explicit that the shopper has the right to cancel within seven days of their contract with you, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). You must also explain that if the shopper does cancel their order, they will have their payment returned and outline the procedures they must follow to return their goods or services (these requirements ensure you comply with EU regulations). There are variations to these rules where you are supplying services or making customised goods.
  • If you are based outside the EU:
    Local regulations may well apply and you should contact your local department of trade and commerce or a lawyer to find out what they are, but as a matter of good practice, if you do not accept returns you should include a statement making this clear to the shopper.

4. Does your website display the logos of the payment methods you can accept?

Your website must display the logos of the payment methods that can be accepted through your WorldPay account. The payment methods' logos that you can accept will automatically be displayed on the secure WorldPay hosted payment page.

In addition, you are required to display on your website the logos of the payment instruments that you can accept. Ideally, the logos should be displayed at the point of entry to your shop. Thus ensuring that your shoppers are aware of the payment instruments that you accept before they make a purchase.

Note: You must only display the payment methods you are authorised to accept.

For further information on how to display your payment methods logos on your website go to: Adding Card Logos

5. Is the "Payments Powered by WorldPay" logo displayed on your website?

The "Payments Powered by WorldPay" logo must also be displayed on your web site. The "Payments Powered by WorldPay" will automatically be displayed on the secure WorldPay hosted payment page. However, you are required to display this logo elsewhere on you website, ideally at the point of entry to your shop. This ensures your shoppers that their payments will be processed by a recognised secure payment service provider.

For further information on how to display the "Payments Powered by WorldPay" logo on your website go to: Adding Card Logos

6. Do you list the currencies you support?

Any references made on your website to the currencies in which you can accept payments via the WorldPay payment service, should state only the currencies set up on your WorldPay account. Your website must not be misleading as to the currencies you can accept.

7. Are your company's details displayed?

You must clearly display your company's details for your shoppers. These details should include:

  • your company's registration name
  • your company's place of registration
  • your company's registered office address (inc. main country of domicile)
  • your company's registered number
  • a contact telephone number
  • an email address.
    The email address displayed should match the address given to WorldPay, which is quoted in receipts.


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You may be contacted by our customer service partner, CallCredit, over the next few weeks to make sure we have the correct information about you.

Thank you for your co-operation during this process, which will enable us to continue to provide excellence in customer care.

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