The charges for our Payment Service are stated in your agreed Terms and Conditions and Schedule A. We collect the charges for our service each week and once a month, as outlined below:

Weekly Charges

Each week you will receive a Transfer Invoice from, detailing what we have billed you for the previous week. You will also receive a Transfer Report, containing details of the funds that we have transferred to your account.

The following charges will continue be debited on a weekly basis: The following charges will be applied to your account on a weekly basis, as appropriate:

  • Transaction Service Charge (TSC)
  • Guarantee Service Charge (GSC) (only if applicable). Note that the WorldPay Guarantee is only available in the UK.
  • Funds Transmission Charge (FTC) - a transfer fee that is applicable where there is a transfer of funds to a bank account.
  • any Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Sales Tax (GST) if applicable - this rate may vary, depending on the region in which you trade.

Weekly invoices can be accessed from the Reports menu on the Merchant Interface.

Monthly Charges

Each month you will receive a Monthly invoice for each of your accounts. Monthly charges will be deducted from your first weekly Transfer payment in the month.

The following fees / charges will be applied to your account monthly rather than weekly:

  • fraud screening charges
  • chargeback and refund fees
  • monthly service fee (only applicable to merchants who do not pay an annual fee - if you pay an annual fee this will be debited once per year from the weekly transfer immediately following the anniversary of the setting up of your account and will appear on the following Monthly Invoice)
  • WorldPay Guarantee monthly service charge (only if applicable)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Sales Tax (GST) if applicable.

Monthly invoices can also be accessed from the Reports menu on the Merchant Interface.

Account Login

Login to Merchant Interface to view your orders and payments, process refunds and reconcile your account.

Call by CallCredit

As a regulated business, WorldPay is obliged to keep its customer records up to date.

You may be contacted by our customer service partner, CallCredit, over the next few weeks to make sure we have the correct information about you.

Thank you for your co-operation during this process, which will enable us to continue to provide excellence in customer care.

Upgrade Your Account

WorldPay offer a number of Optional Services that you can add to your account.