• About WorldPay

    WorldPay offers market-leading face-to-face and online payment solutions to small and medium sized business in the United Kingdom, the United States as well as online payments and fraud protection to corporate businesses globally.

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  • Your Global Guide to Alternative Payments, 2nd edition

    A global perspective on the growing emergence of alternative payment methods, giving a country-by-country view on the most effective payment types to offer

    > Your Global Guide to Alternative Payments, 2nd edition

  • Small to medium business

    WorldPay helps more than half a million businesses accept the widest range of payments - safely, securely and quickly. Your business can use WorldPay to form a complete payment solution, to meet specialist needs, or in conjunction with services from other providers.

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  • Corporate

    WorldPay is leading the way for global online payment and for corporate clients. We tailor our products, technology and support across many sectors to ensure they maximise their online transaction success any time, every time, everywhere.

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  • Events

    As a world leader in global online payments we attend and speak at many events internationally throughout the year. Come and join us to learn more about how WorldPay can help you expand your online business.

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  • WorldPay Zinc

    Get the essential tool for your business. Introducing WorldPay Zinc. Take secure card payments using your mobile. Chip & PIN keypad just 59.99.

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  • WorldPay Total

    An integrated card payment service designed for your business. Process your card payments securely by integrating your commerce platforms with WorldPay Total.

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