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Vindicia Integration

About Vindicia

The Vindicia® CashBox® platform takes subscription billing to new levels for digital goods and services. CashBox combines cutting-edge customer acquisition methods with advanced customer retention technologies, while maintaining unmatched scalability and 99.99% up-time. Vindicia clients include TransUnion Interactive, Intuit, Activision Blizzard, IAC, Bloomberg, Vimeo and Next Issue Media.

Find out how to accept global payments directly from the Vindicia platform

Global payments integration for Vindicia

Increase customer life-time value with subscription billing and global payment solutions.

  • A cost-effective way to reach more subscribers in more markets by;

    • Reducing operational costs with one end-to-end solution
    • Utilising detailed analytics for insights on purchasing trends
    • Enabling promotions for customer acquisition and retention
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