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Syntec’s CardEasy Keypad Payment by Phone Integration

About Syntec and CardEasy

Syntec is an independent provider of network, telecommunications and secure cloud contact centre management services for businesses, government, service providers and resellers. CardEasy is Syntec’s PCI DSS level 1 keypad payment by phone system for secure MOTO transactions, one of Syntec’s integrated hosted managed services for contact centre clients across the UK and internationally.

Find out how to accept global payments by phone directly from the Syntec solution

Global payments integration for Syntec

Reduce PCI-DSS compliance by enabling touchtone card payment by phone, without compromising customer experience.

  • Secure global payments, without the hassle through;

    • PCI DSS level 1 compliance for accepting card payments by phone
    • Reducing development, compliance costs and time-to-market
    • Offering a seamless payment experience to increase conversions
    • De-scoping the contact centre environment and agents from PCI regulations and audits
Download our integration flyer for more information