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Subject: To be or not to be the merchant of record

What's it all about?

How to take payments for ancillary services. To be or not to be the merchant of record? This is the question on the minds of travel companies interested in capitalising on a customer’s holiday or business trip by selling more than just flights or hotels. Join Thomas Helldorff, VP of Travel at Worldpay to discuss whether OTAs should simply promote ancillary services such as car rental, airport transfers and airport lounge access on their website, or actually take payment for them.

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About Thomas

Thomas Helldorff has been working in the Airline and Payment industry for more than 15 years. In 2013, Thomas joined Worldpay as Vice President of Travel and now manages the strategy for the travel sector globally. Prior to Worldpay, he several positions including Head of Strategy & Innovation at Datacash and Senior Product Manager for payment services and passenger mobile applications at SITA. In his spare time, Thomas has also published a book called the ‘Airline Payments Handbook’, a complete guide to payments in the air transport industry.

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