China Travel Daily Conference 2017

13 September, 2017 to 14 September, 2017

Shanghai, CN

The travel industry is being revolutionized, driven by technological advancement and reinforcement that enhance in the connections between online and offline, domestic and overseas travel companies, and companies and consumers. The travel industry is embarking on a new era. Meet us the TravelDaily Conference in Shanghai, China, to discover 'The Seamless Travel Experience' and the future of travel bookings. We'll be stationed at booth 12.

Event location:
The Yuluxe SheshanA Tribute Portfolio Hotel
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Booth 12
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The Seamless Travel Experience: Why Payments are at the Heart

Tang Kok San, China Country Manager

This session explores how travel companies can create a seamless travel experience for their customers, and touches on the potential future of booking processes. 

The Seamless Travel Experience: Why Payments are at the Heart covers 3 chapters. Making payments, processing payments, and ancillary services. 

- Making payments explores offering the right payment mix and is influenced by our 'Why do they pay that way' research. 
- Processing payments outlines our expertise and advice on how to best set up and take payments across many markets. 
- Ancillary services covers how Hotels & OTAs can best optimise their setup to increase revenue and improve UX.