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Worldpay x Pazien Webinar LIVE

13 July, 2017 : 16:00 - 17:00 (BST)
All your payments data in one place.

Pulling reports from multiple providers is tedious and number-crunching is even more time-consuming. In a time when ecommerce volume is up 236% from just 5 years ago, businesses are tasked with optimizing endless amounts of data. While we strive to provide top-notch reporting, we’ve partnered with Pazien, the first payments analytics platform, to offer you automatic, cross-provider reporting with no IT effort.

Join us 13th Jul at 16:00 BST to see how Pazien customers have spotted 300% increases in decline rates in specific regions, cut reconciliation time by 95% and more. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to set alerts to quickly amend things like approval rate dips, refund overages and inaccurate chargebacks
  • Ways to filter your payment data to compare providers and understand your true return on investment
  • Quick ways to view payment benchmarks and understand how you’re trending 
  • How to automatically match your provider data with your order management system transactions for simple reconciliation

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Jason Pavona Pazien

Jason Pavona - Co-Founder & CEO, Pazien

Jason Pavona is the Co-Founder of Pazien, the first payment strategy solution that automatically gathers all of your payment data in one place and creates visual, actionable analytics with no IT effort. Most recently Jason led Sales, Marketing & Product at Litle & Co, which was acquired by Vantiv. Under Jason’s leadership, Litle was recognized as one of the most innovative companies in payments and the fastest growing company (Inc. Magazine #1) in the US.

Tom Pope Worldpay

Tom Pope - Director of CX Operations, Worldpay

Tom Pope works in our eCommerce Customer Excellence team as the Director of Operations, where he is responsible for product innovation that improves the customer experience. He has overall responsibility for our Pazien and Service Portal propositions as well as a wide range of other strategic initiatives focused on making working with Worldpay simple.