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World eCommerce Summit

1 June, 2017 to 2 June, 2017

Madrid, ES

This innovative B2B event will enable the participants to learn about the latest innovations, trends, new developments and marketing strategies in the e-commerce industry.  

Online retailers and e-commerce companies will meet to analyse and understand how to prepare the world for the future e-commerce, learn new digital marketing tools and new expansion strategies to conduct business in foreign countries.

Worldpay Attendee: Wilco Slabbekoorn, Director of Business Development 

Event location:
Hotel Catalonia Atocha
Calle de Atocha 81
28012 Madrid
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Wilco Slabbekoorn, Director of Business Development

A photo of Wilco Slabbekoorn


Wilco is Business Development Director Retail EMEA at Worldpay. Prior to Worldpay, Wilco worked at QAS (an Experian company), where he headed up the Customer Data Division in Benelux for 6 years and at Experian for a further 2 years. With over 8 years experience in the eCommerce industry working with retailers headquartered in EMEA, Wilco has a wealth of knowledge on the dynamics of the eCommerce landscape globally. He is committed to using his expertise to help global retailers increase growth in to new markets whilst reducing their operational costs.