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Webinar: How top retailers are winning with omnichannel – and how you can too!

25 October, 2016 : 14:00 BST
Join our upcoming webinar to find out how successful retailers are implementing their omnichannel solutions. We'll be discussing the latest omnichannel retail research conducted by eTail, joined by a panel of experts from Oracle, e2x and Worldpay. 
Speakers: Maria Prados, VP Global Retail for Global eCommerce at Worldpay; Nick Hendry, Director at eTail; Dom Selvon, CTO at e2x; Dusan Rnic, VP Oracle Retail at Oracle   
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"Omnichannel" is no longer simply a buzzword for retailers looking to improve their customer experience – today it’s an essential piece of their ongoing eCommerce success.  

 Merchants must now not only have a plan for implementing an omnichannel solution, they also have to find creative ways to cut complexity and improve ROI in the process.

 So how are some of the biggest retailers in Europe managing their omnichannel proposition?

 We'll bring together the latest WBR retailer insights with omni-expertise from eCommerce gurus from Worldpay, Oracle and e2x to cover:

  • How to optimise the shopper experience
  • The best ways to create a seamless interaction across multiple touch points
  • How to make your customers feel secure at checkout

Maria Prados, VP for Global Retail at Worldpay

Maria Prados is the VP for Global Retail at Worldpay. Prior to joining Worldpay, she worked at Dixons Retail as part of the ecommerce turn-around team in charge of building the successful ecommerce/multi-channel strategy for the company. Maria started her career in financial services with Deloitte S.L. She has an MBA from IESE and Columbia Business School. After, she held numerous roles ranging from social venture capital to strategy consultant which led her to discover her passion for retail eCommerce.