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Webinar: Using data to take your payments global

12 December 2016
Moving or operating internationally and looking at ways to become more efficient?

This webinar will take you through some of the key markets we see digital companies operating in outside of their home countries, how to setup in those markets the right way to maximize authorization rates and reduce cost, and how to use data to derive those answers.

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  • Find out how to use payment data to optimize your international payments.
  • What’s the business case for domestic vs. international processing? How do you determine which is the best for you?
  • Get regional perspectives from Worldpay experts in Asia, Europe and the United States.
Kevin Hennessy worldpay

Kevin Hennessy, Moderator, Worldpay

Kevin has a wealth of payment knowledge having been in the trenches and now managing a team in the U.S.. He’s worked with many of the largest digital companies in the world and we’re very happy to have such a seasoned payments professional as our moderator.

Dan Fagan Worldpay

Dan Fagan, Senior Acquiring Product Manager, Worldpay

Dan manages Worldpay’s acquiring product, which is most closely tied to our credit card processing capabilities worldwide. He’s an expert in the space and will be a very valuable part of the conversation.

Sonam Worldpay

Sonam Bhutia, Business Development Director, APAC, Worldpay

Sonam is one of our specialists when it comes to the Asia-Pacific region. He manages a team in Singapore that work with global, digital businesses operating internationally. It’s a tricky region. We’re fortunate to have Sonam’s expertise on the line.

John O'Brien Worldpay

John O’Brien, VP Business Development, U.S., Worldpay

John brings ten years of international payments experience at Worldpay working alongside the largest eCommerce players in the world. He’s frequently asked to join webinars, give presentations, and participate in other events to inform businesses on topics such as the future of payments and global fraud trends.