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Fragmentation of Fraud report

19 November 2014
Worldpay research into how merchants are coping with the rise of Alternative Payments and the challenge they present in fighting fraud. 

Fragmentation of Fraud report

Alternative payments are set to be popular as card payments online. These new payments provide customers choice but also create a challenge to merchants to fight fraud. So just how prepared are online merchants and how are they coping with this new challenge? We commissioned global research to understand how companies are dealing with these new fraud issues. The results are presented in our Fragmentation of Fraud report, and include findings such as:

  •     More than three-quarters of online merchants (79%) believe the growing number of markets, purchasing channels and payment methods pose a significant challenge for effectively dealing with fraud.
  •     Only one in five of online merchants stated they were very confident about their ability to manage new fraud threats.
  •     50% of online merchants find it difficult to keep up with fraud trends.

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