With WorldPay schools and nurseries can accept credit card and debit card payments on the phone, face-to-face and online.

Welcome to WorldPay - 45 countries. 120 transaction currencies. 14 settlement currencies. Global payments, simplified.

Take card payments and give parents a real multiple choice

Manage cash flow, improve security, reduce administration, give more choice.

Why WorldPay?

WorldPay can help your school or nursery collect payments by credit card or debit card. We process millions of payments every day, securely and quickly. Our customers can accept every major card - as well as bank transfers and direct debits.

State schools

Let parents pay by card for any type of payment to your school including uniforms, lunches and school trips.

Independent schools

It's the simple and efficient way for parents to pay school fees and other education expenses.


The straightforward way to accept card payments for nursery and other pre-school education fees.